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1. America's naitonal monuments: legacy of the great plains: sioux indian wars   Publication: New York Ambrose Video Publishing 2006 . 30 mins. ; color. , Since 1906, each National Monument in American has been designed by the sitting President as a personal memorial of a parcel that he deemed deserving of preservation for future generations. America's National Monuments tell the story of the nation's past and present glory. In Legacy of the Great Plains we will visit the 10 monuments associated with America once vast grasslands. VOLUME TWO: SIOUX INDIAN WARS. The Northern Great Plains stretch from Minnesota in the east to the Rocky Mountains in the West. During the 19th century, this vast land of prairie grass and buffalo was the domain of the Sioux Indian Nation . . . a nation that would soon be at the heart of the Plains Indian wars. This volume contains two chapters: Pipestone National Monument and Little Bighorn Battle Site National Monument. Date: 2006 Availability: No items available:

2. Mount Rushmore   Publication: Boston : WGBH 2001 . 60 min. ; color , Mount Rushmore High on a granite cliff in South Dakota's Black Hills tower the huge carved faces of four American presidents. Together they constitute the world's largest sculpture. The massive tableau inspires awe and bemusement. How, and when, was it carved? Who possessed the audacity to create such a gargantuan work? The story of Mount Rushmore's creation is as bizarre and wonderful as the monument itself. It is the tale of a hyperactive, temperamental artist whose talent and determination propelled the project, even as his ego and obsession threatened to tear it apart. It is the story of hucksterism and hyperbole, of a massive public works project in the midst of an economic depression. And it is the story of dozens of ordinary Americans who suddenly found themselves suspended high on a cliff face with drills and hammers as a sculptor they considered insane directed them in the creation of what some would call a monstrosity and others a masterpiece. Narrated by Michael Murphy. Date: 2001 Availability: No items available:

3. The American Heritage   Publication: Beverly Hills, CA: FoxVideo, Inc. 1993 . 60 Mins. , You will stand in the same room where Thomas Jefferson revealed his Declaration of IndependencéiKthen watched it debated and, in his mind, watered down! You'll recall the time when America doubled its size by purchasing Louisiana from Napoleon for two cents an acre. Then, you'll hear the names and see the chiseled handwriting of individuals who braved the Oregon Trail to open up the American West. Date: 1993 Availability: No items available:

4. Seasons of America   Publication: Beverly Hills, CA: FoxVideo, Inc. 1993 . 60 Mins. , You'll be enthralled by year-round wonders from coast to coast, from the solitude of one man's Virginia forest garden, to the spectacular sights and sounds of an old-fashioned midwestern American Fourth of JulyíKand from the awesome beauty of autumn in New England to the ominous bitter winds of Wyoming's snowy plains. Date: 1993 Availability: No items available: