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1. Almos' a man by Wright, Richard Publication: Thousand Oaks, Ca. monterey media 2004 . 51 min. ; color. , Although Dave and his family are poor sharecroppers in the Deep South in the 1930's, this 15 year-olds problem is shared by teenagers today: he stands with one foot in adulthood and the other in childhood. “Almos' A Man”, yet still treated like a child, he struggles for an identity. There's one thing, one symbol of manhood, Dave thinks, that could guarantee him instant respect: a gun. Dave finds a way to buy a pistol and at last, is ready to pull the trigger for the first time, never again will they call him a boy…But, he trembles, the gun overpowers the boy's body and he loses control. His first shot is a fatal shot -- his young life forever changed. Date: 2004 Availability: No items available:

2. Almos' a man   Publication: Learning in Focus, Inc. 1975 . 39 mins. ; color , Features ROOTS Star, Le Var Burton, as David, a black teenager, searches for manhood in the Deep South farm country of the 1930's. He equates manhood with the owning of a gun. In the process of trying out his new possession, he shoots the mule which is in his care. He confesses his act, is demeaned by his father and is bondaged by the ladowner to pay for the mule. The young man rebels, takes his gun and escapes on a passing train--still hoping to find his manhood and a new life. Richard Wright's short story is the basis for Leslie Lee's play. (American Short Story Series) Date: 1975 Availability: No items available: