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1. The revolt of mother by Freeman, Mary E. Wilkins. Publication: monterey media 2005 . 60 min.; color. , Father is going to build a new barn. Mother wants the new house she's been promised. A simple story, yet one that reveals so much about love and respect and the often difficult times between those who strive and work to build a life together. Set against the beautiful rustic backdrop of farming life in 1890 New England, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman's poignant story brings us two hard-working people of the land. Sometimes the most difficult thing to see may be the needs of those who are closest to you. Date: 2005 Availability: No items available:

2. The golden honeymoon by Lardner, Ring Wilmer Publication: Thousand Oaks, Ca. monterey media 2005 . 52 min. ; color. , Charley Tate is an old windbag, often a braggart, but somehow always lovable. Married over fifty years to his ever-patient wife Lucy Wright, the two of them are on their Golden Honeymoon in Florida. Everything goes perfectly until Lucy meets her former fiancée who's also vacationing with his wife. Suddenly there's a comic competition between Charley and the old boyfriend for Lucy's attention. After fifty years, cantankerous Charley has to win his girl all over again! Date: 2005 Availability: No items available:

3. Love and other sorrows by Broadkey, Harold Publication: Thousand Oaks, Ca. monterey media. 2001 . 60 min.; color. , A St. Louis summer in the 1950's. A great summer for the coming-of-age of a sixteen year old boy. A great summer to learn a little about love and a lot about life. Through the eyes and heart of Ben, our story follows his mother's need for his sister to “marry well”. His sister's ambivalence toward her rich suitor intertwines with the bloom of Ben's own romantic yearnings as he discovers in that summer the hopeful, yet perplexing mix of emotions that rule the romantic spirit in us all. Date: 2001 Availability: No items available:

4. Pigeon feathers by Updike, John Publication: Thousand Oaks, Ca. monterey media. 2001 . 45 min. ; color. , From the pen of Pulitzer Prize winning author John Updike, comes the story of a young man's search through the questions of life and death, and the wondrous discovery of living in the soaring beauty of one of nature's simplest creations. A Family returns to life on a farm and finds some answers to the paradox of living. Date: 2001 Availability: No items available: