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1. Parker Adderson, philosopher   Publication: Learning in Focus, Inc. 1975 . 39 mins. ; color , PARKER ADDERSON, PHILOSOPHER is the story of a union Army Spy, Parker Adderson, who is captured being enemy lines at the end of the Civil War. He is sympathetic towards a young lieutenant, but is at odds with the Confederate general. In a struggle before his execution, the lieutenant is killed and the general is wounded. The general dies as the spy is shot. Date: 1975 Availability: No items available:

2. The jolly corner by Barron, Arthur Publication: Learning in Focus, Inc. 1976 . 43 mins. ; color , THE JOLLY CORNER is the story of Spencer Brydon, who has returned to the United States after an absence of 35 years, during which time he missed both the fighting in the Civil War and America's dynamic economic birth. Brydon wonders if he would have been different if he had remained in America. In an effort to find out, he painfully reconstructs the secrets of his past and the potentials of an alien yet appealing future. A Henry James short story forms the basis for this television play by Arthur Barron. (American Short Story Series) Date: 1976 Availability: No items available: