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1. The United States cookbook by D'Amico, Joan 1957- Publication: New York John Wiley & Sons 2000 . vi, 186 p. ill. 24 cm. , Includes index. | Provides information about the fifty states along with a recipe native to each of them, such as Boston baked beans from Massachusetts, crab cakes from Maryland, Key lime pie from Florida, corn dogs from Iowa, and taco soup from New Mexico. Date: 2000 Availability: Items available: 台中美國資料中心 American Corner Taichung (1),

2. The U.S. history cookbook by D'Amico, Joan 1957- Publication: New York, NY John Wiley & Sons 2003 . xi, 180 p. ill. 24 cm. , Chapters discuss different time periods in American history, focusing on typical foods and cooking styles. Includes recipes for such dishes as pumpkin bread, Virginia ham with cherry sauce, and buckwheat griddle cakes. Date: 2003 Availability: Items available: 台北美國資料中心 (北市圖) American Corner Taipei (1), 台中美國資料中心 American Corner Taichung (1),