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1. The blue hotel by Crane, Stephen Publication: Thousand Oaks, Ca. monterey media 2005 . 55 min. ; color. , Nebraska in the 1880's & bleak, lonely, and far from what you'd expect The Wild West to be. But for a naïve Swedish immigrant, the frontier parlor of "THE BLUE HOTEL" represent the quintessential western fantasy. No one can convince The Swede that his dime-store notions about The West are foolish. He sees murderous intentions all around him& and in his terror he turns everybody against him. Inevitably the Swede attracts tragedy. However, who is responsible? The negative Swede? Or the cliquish hotel guests? Date: 2005 Availability: No items available:

2. The blue hotel   Publication: Learning in Focus, Inc. 1975 . 55 mins. ; color , The time is the 1880's. A young Swede arrives at the hotel of a moody, frontier Nebraska town. He anticipates the wild west of the dime novels and parlays that anticipation into his own death. Unable to relate to his new environment, the Swede is antagonistic to his hotelkeeper and fellow guests. A fateful card game results in accusations of cheating, a fight, and a violent climax. Original story by Stephen Crane. (American Short Story Series) Date: 1975 Availability: No items available: