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1. A know-nothing Halloween by Spirn, Michele Sobel Publication: New York HarperTrophy 2000 . 48 p. col. ill. 22 cm. , Four easily confused friends find their own way to celebrate Halloween. Date: 2000 Availability: Items available: 桃園快樂村美國資料專區 American Shelf Tao Yuan Happy Village (1), 高雄美國資料專區 - 寶珠 American Shelf Kaohsiung Baozhu (1), 中壢美國資料專區 American Shelf Chungli (1), 台中美國資料中心 American Corner Taichung (1),

2. The Know-Nothings by Spirn, Michele Sobel. Publication: [New York] HarperTrophy 1995 . 64 p. col. ill. 22 cm. , Four friends called The Know-Nothings, because they don't know very much, decide to make lunch. Date: 1995 Availability: Items available: 台中美國資料中心 American Corner Taichung (1),