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1. Dr. Seuss's sleep book | Boom chicka rock | I ain't gonna paint no more!$fby Karen Beaumont by Seuss Dr. 1904-1991 | Archambault, John. | Beaumont, Karen Publication: New York | [New York] | Orlando, Fla. Random House | Scholastic | Harcourt 1990 . 1 v. (unpaged) ill. 28 cm. | 1 v. (unpaged) ill. 27 cm. , Twelve mice that live in a cuckoo clock wander out to find birthday cake and have a party while Max the cat sleeps. | In the rhythm of a familiar folk song, a child cannot resist adding one more dab of paint in surprising places Date: 1990 Availability: Items available: 馬祖美國資料專區 American Shelf Matsu (1), 台中美國資料中心 American Corner Taichung (2),

2. I like myself! / Karen Beaumont by Beaumont, Karen Publication: New York : Scholastic, 2005 . 1 v. (unpaged) : col. ill. ; 26 cm. Date: 2005 Availability: Items available: 高雄美國資料專區 - 寶珠 American Shelf Kaohsiung Baozhu (1), 高雄美國資料中心 - 河堤 American Corner Kaohsiung He-ti (1), 高雄美國資料專區 - 總館 American Shelf Kaohsiung - Main Library (2), 馬祖美國資料專區 American Shelf Matsu (1), 台南美國資料專區 American Shelf Tainan (1), 台中美國資料中心 American Corner Taichung (2),

3. Move over, Rover by Beaumont, Karen. Publication: Orlando Harcourt 2006 . 1 v. (unpaged) col. ill. 29 cm. , When a storm comes, Rover expects to have his doghouse all to himself but finds that various other animals, including a skunk, come to join him. It's raining cats and dogs! Good thing Rover is snuggled safe and dry inside his doghouse--until, one by one, a soggy menagerie of creatures shows up looking for a cozy place to sit out the storm. But who's the very unwelcome surprise visitor? Skunk, of course. Suddenly that doghouse isn't quite so crowded after all! Date: 2006 Availability: Items available: 台中美國資料中心 American Corner Taichung (1),