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21. The great gatsby   Publication: Discovery Communications, Inc. 1997 . 26 mins. ; color & b/w , The Great Gatsby The most widely read and widely translated American novel of this century. The Great Gatsby explores the uniquely American possibilities that allow individuals to remake themselves. Rich with imagery and symbolism this book reflects not only F. Scott Fitzgerald, but also the world of the Roaring Twenties. Even today, its focus on the worship of money and power, of youth and success, make it as relevant now as on the day it was written. Reenactment footage intercut with scenes from the 1974 film Gatsby, starring Robert Redford, interviews with experts, and dramatic narrative work to unlock the complexity of this novel's characters. Date: 1997 Availability: No items available:

22. The scarlet letter   Publication: Discovery Communications, Inc. 1997 . 25 min. ; color & b/w , The Scarlet Letter Nathaniel Hawthorne's great novel. The Scarlet Letter, explores the timeless conflict between private truth and public appearance and the choice between sin and salvation. Although Hawthorne's masterpiece was written in the nineteenth century and set in Puritan New England, the story of Hester Prynne's adulterous relationship with a young clergyman reflects questions still asked today: What is moral? What is good? Are they the same or different? The Scarlet Letter's penetrating moral vision, intense symbolism, and stylistic subtlety have had a wide-ranging influence on writers ever since it was published. Date: 1997 Availability: No items available:

23. Walden   Publication: Discovery Communications, Inc. 1997 . 30 min. ; color & b/w , Walden Henry David Thoreau's walden captures the essence of transcendentalism. Emphasizing the importance of spirituality over materialism, Thoreau urges people to free themselves from the "quiet desperation" of their lives to discover the "marrow of life,". This video traces Thoreau's life from his childhood to the peace he found on the shores of Walden Pond. Interviews with members of the voluntary simplicity movement reveal the power of Thoreau's ideas on the American Psyche today. Date: 1997 Availability: No items available:

24. Tales of Edgar Allan Poe   Publication: Discovery Communications, Inc. 2003 . 26 min. ; color & b/w , Tales of Edgar Allan Poe Explore the psychology of terror in some of Poe¥s most haunting tales. Interwoven through these stories is the most tragic tale of allùthat of author Edgar Allan Poe. Many of his tales resonate with themes from his own life: abandonment, sickness, and fear. Leading us through Poe¥s tales of terror are well-known horror writers and directors. Date: 2003 Availability: No items available:

25. The jungle   Publication: Discovery Communications, Inc. 2002 . 26 mins.; color , Upton Sinclair's groundbreaking expose of Chicago's meatpacking industry was a horror story of unsanitary conditions, food poisoning, and child labor abuse. Learn what led Sinclair into this turn-of-the-century "urban jungle" and how his book prompted Congress to pass the first food safety laws. Date: 2002 Availability: No items available:

26. The grapes of wrath   Publication: Discovery Communications, Inc. 2000 . 26 mins. ;color , Follow the Joad family's Great Depression journey from their Oklahoma farm to the land of milk and honey -- California. On the way, Ma Joad struggles to keep the family together as they meet with violent rejection, betrayal, death of loved ones, degradation, loss of hope, and an ever-deepening sense of utter vulnerability. Date: 2000 Availability: No items available:

27. The hollow boy by Calisher, Hortense Publication: Thousand Oaks, Ca. monterey media 2001 . 60 min. ; color. , Friends, In 1936 New York City, if you are a young German immigrant and your neighbor is Jewish, will the world allow you to be friends? Staring across a courtyard you see the world of your friend, a warm, happy loving family. But your parents believe differently. They were brought up differently, and yet within you stir feelings that life here in America has so much more to give. Yet your life is so uncompromising. Out of desperation, perhaps the only thing you can do is run. Run for a life of your own. Date: 2001 Availability: No items available:

28. Love and other sorrows by Broadkey, Harold Publication: Thousand Oaks, Ca. monterey media. 2001 . 60 min.; color. , A St. Louis summer in the 1950's. A great summer for the coming-of-age of a sixteen year old boy. A great summer to learn a little about love and a lot about life. Through the eyes and heart of Ben, our story follows his mother's need for his sister to “marry well”. His sister's ambivalence toward her rich suitor intertwines with the bloom of Ben's own romantic yearnings as he discovers in that summer the hopeful, yet perplexing mix of emotions that rule the romantic spirit in us all. Date: 2001 Availability: No items available:

29. Pigeon feathers by Updike, John Publication: Thousand Oaks, Ca. monterey media. 2001 . 45 min. ; color. , From the pen of Pulitzer Prize winning author John Updike, comes the story of a young man's search through the questions of life and death, and the wondrous discovery of living in the soaring beauty of one of nature's simplest creations. A Family returns to life on a farm and finds some answers to the paradox of living. Date: 2001 Availability: No items available: