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121. 2005 Presidential inaugural ceremony: President George W. Bush sworn-in to second term   Publication: 2005 . 22 mins.: color , 2005 Presidential inaugural ceremony: President George W. Bush sworn-in to second term President Bush has taken the oath of office for a second term. The theme of his inaugural address can be summed up in one word: freedom. On January 20, at noon (1700 GMT), the president put his hand on a bible and repeated the traditional oath. Chief Justice William Rehnquist, administered the oath on the west front of the Capitol. Members of the U.S. Congress served as witnesses, along with a crowd of about 100,000 people gathered on the vast lawn that stretches from the Capitol to the Washington Monument. Military gunners fired their cannons as Hail to the Chief was played, signaling the start of a new presidential term. To the cheers of his supporters and the applause of those who came just for a glimpse of history, George W. Bush moved to the podium to deliver his second inaugural address. Date: 2005 Availability: No items available:

122. America's great parks, Chinese version   Publication: Taipei: King's International Multimedia Co., Ltd 2000 . 100 mins.: color , America's great parks, Chinese Version From the incredible geysers of Yellowstone to the largest canyon on earth, each stop along the way is breathtakingly beautiful. This DVD gives you a magnificent overview of the history, exploration, scenery and wildlife of three national parks: Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Yosemite. Date: 2000 Availability: No items available:

123. Inside special forces   Publication: National Geographic Society 2003 . 60 mins.: color , Inside special forces With unprecedented access, National Geographic goes deep into the secret world of U.S. Special Operations and tells the story of this highly skilled, elite group of soldiers from the inside out. With roots traceable to the French and Indian War, the Special Forces military unit has evolved over several centuries to serve an integral role in the U.S. military campaign. Inside Special Forces follows these soldiers as they make their way from the training camp to the battlefield to face an unpredictable enemy in an unfamiliar land. Date: 2003 Availability: No items available:

124. Native son   Publication: MD, U.S.A Discovery Communications, Inc. 2003 . 1 videodisc (DVD)(60 min,) sd., col. 4 3/4 in. , Adapted from the novel by Richard Wright Date: 2003 Availability: No items available:

125. Tim Janis: beautiful America   Publication: Dawn Treader Productions, LLC 2004 . 60 mins. ; color , Join us for a celebration of the beauty of America's National Parks. From Yosemite to Mount Rainier, Acadia to the Great Smokey Mountains, we present an evening of unforgettable imagery and music as featured on the hit National Public Television special. Tim Janis provides the lush instrumental score performed live wit a fourteen piece concert ensemble. The result is a gorgeous collection of new music inspired by the beauty of America combined with stunning images of our National Parks. Date: 2004 Availability: No items available:

126. Best Kept Secrets: F.B. I, Chinese Version   Publication: Taipei King's International Multimedia co., Ltd 2001 . 50 mins. : color , Th film shows how FBI agent takes to succeed in the investigation business. It also explores how FBI examime the clues to find the criminal and stop the crime. In addition, FBI is also challenged to prevent computer hackers to invade the National Security System and stop the rebellion of well-equipped militia. Date: 2001 Availability: No items available:

127. Moby Dick, Chinese version   Publication: Taipei: King's International Multimedia Co., Ltd 2002 . 50 mins. ; color , Ishmael, a sailor, recounts the ill-fated voyage of a whaling ship led by the fanatical Captain Ahab in search of the white whale that had crippled him. The story of a dangerously obsessed man. Obsessed with seeking vengeance against a great white whale that pushes him and his reluctant crew in a quest across the seven seas. Obsessed with pitching his boat against a formidable beast against all odds and oblivious to the great risk to life and limb. Date: 2002 Availability: No items available:

128. Biography-John Steinbeck: an American writer   Publication: A & E Television Networks 2002 . 50 mins. color , This DVD takes a close look at the life and career of the legendary American writer whose name evokes dust bowl-era images of Salinas, Monterey, and migrant farm workers. John Steinbeck's life story is revealed in personal photos and interviews with friends, family, and contemporaries, along with footage of the locations that inspired him. Also surveyed are the writer's foray into filmmaking and his Hollywood experiences. Discover why he was motivated to write about the land and the people who belonged to it. Learn of the trials and persecution he endured for his unwillingness to compromise the truth and the rocky personal life that accompanied his artistic struggles. This film provides a truly comprehensive and sensitive depiction of this Nobel and Pulitzer prize-winning author. Date: 2002 Availability: No items available:

129. The Great Gatsby   Publication: Silver Spring, MD: Discovery Communications, Inc. 2003 . 60 min.: col. , F. Scott Fizgerald's novel The Great Gatsby focuses on how the American dream may be unattainable, as seen through Jay Gatsby's desire for Daisy Buchanan. Fizgerald and his character Gatsby have similar family backgrounds and love lives. The extravagance and imagery portrayed in The Great Gatsby has been the basis for advertising campaigns, and the novel's popularity has inspired several film adaptations. Date: 2003 Availability: No items available:

130. Huckleberry Fin   Publication: Silver Spring, MD: Discovery Communications, Inc. 2003 . 60 min : col. , An Overview of the life and times of Mark Twain, as well as their influence on Huckleberry Finn. As controversial now as it was then, this important work of American fiction explores the sometimes contradictory nature of the American spirit. Explore why this story is as relevant now as when it was first published. Date: 2003 Availability: No items available:

131. The scarlet letter   Publication: Silver Spring, MD: Discovery Communications 2003 . 60 mins.:col. , Learn how the story of Hester Prynne's adulterous relationship with a young minister blows wide open the conflict between private truth and public appearances, the choice between sin and salvation, and the definition of moral versus good. In the Scarlet Letter Nathaniel Hawthorne gives us a view of 17th-century Puritan society. Scholars and critics discuss the novel and the book’s lasting legacy. Date: 2003 Availability: No items available:

132. An evening with O.Henry   Publication: Thousand Oaks, Ca: MMI monterey media 2001 . 85 mins. :color , This DVD contains three of William Sydney Porter's (O. Henry) literary classics. Includes THE GIFT OF THE MAGI, O. HENRY: A LIFE IN STORIES, and THE LAST LEAF. THE GIFT OF THE MAGI is a wonderful romantic tale of a young married couple who have little money to buy each other Christmas presetns, and its charming surprise ending. O. HENRY: A LIFE IN STORIES is about the William Sydney Porter, in his colorful lifetime, he would become a pharmacist, a bankteller, an illustrator, a colomnist. and finally hs is one of American's favorite writers. THE LAST LEAF is about the two young struggling artists only to have one stricken with deadly Penumonia. And yet against the howling wind, as the rain beats at the window, one small ray of hope bravely clings on against the storm. Date: 2001 Availability: No items available:

133. Study abroad: episode one   Publication: Taipei: Youthful Educational International Civic-minded 2005 . 47min. : col. , This episode elaborates on the reasons for studying abroad. The following four reasons could be the most important: Enhance the nation’s competition ability, strengthen the professional training, cultivate personal independence in everyday life, self-determination and sense of responsibility as well as have a international view. Date: 2005 Availability: No items available:

134. Rappaccini's daughter   Publication: Thousand Oaks, Ca. monterey media 2005 . 57 min. ;color. , Set in 18th Century Italy, "Rappaccini's Daughter" is the tale of a young scholar named Giovanni who falls in love with a beautiful, yet forbidden, girl who tends her father's poison garden. However, the strange and unearthly beauty of Beatrice masks a terrifying curse which Giovanni must tragically discover. Her father, the mysterious Dr. Rappaccini, has made her the subject of a diabolical experiment. In Giovanni's attempt to free Beatrice from the control of her father and to escape the poisonous effect she begins to have on him, he unwittingly destroys her. From the short story of master American novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne, two quintessential Hawthorne themes are explored: the sins of interfering with another's soul and the futility of trying to tamper with nature. Date: 2005 Availability: No items available:

135. The blue hotel by Crane, Stephen Publication: Thousand Oaks, Ca. monterey media 2005 . 55 min. ; color. , Nebraska in the 1880's & bleak, lonely, and far from what you'd expect The Wild West to be. But for a naïve Swedish immigrant, the frontier parlor of "THE BLUE HOTEL" represent the quintessential western fantasy. No one can convince The Swede that his dime-store notions about The West are foolish. He sees murderous intentions all around him& and in his terror he turns everybody against him. Inevitably the Swede attracts tragedy. However, who is responsible? The negative Swede? Or the cliquish hotel guests? Date: 2005 Availability: No items available:

136. Ernest J. Gaines' The sky is gray by Lathan, Stan. Publication: [Thousand Oaks, Calif.] Monterey Media 2005 . 1 videodisc (46 min.) sd., col. 4 3/4 in. , MPAA rating: Not rated. Title from container. Director of photography, Larry Pizer ; editor, Barbara Pokras. Host, Henry Fonda. Cast : Olivia Cole, James Bond III, Margaret Avery, Cleavon Little, Clinton Derricks-Carroll Originally broadcast on television in 1980. DVD, region 1; stereo. Special features: author bio; actor bios; printable study guide; about the American Short Story Collection; audio interview: Robert Geller; Henry Fonda intro. | Based on the short story by Ernest J. Gaines. In rural Louisiana in the 1940's a young black boy journeys with his mother and absorbs valuable lessons of pride, charity and dignity. Date: 2005 Availability: No items available:

137. Barn burning by Faulkner, William Publication: Thousand Oaks, Ca. monterey media 2004 . 40 min. ; color. , Abe Snopes is a Southern tenant farmer sets his employer's barn on fire when he thinks he's been treated unfairly. His son, Sarty, is horrified. Snope escapes justice for lack of proof, but he and his family are told to move on. No sooner do they move than Snopes is offended by his new rich employer. Torn between trying to win his father's acceptance and his aversion to what his father will do, Sarty must make a decision and act quickly. Date: 2004 Availability: No items available:

138. The man that corrupted Hadleyburg by Twain, Mark Publication: Thousand Oaks, Ca. monterey media 2004 . 40 min. ; color. , Hadleyburg has a reputation for unshakable honesty. The smug towns-people are proud of this virtue and keep themselves honest by simply avoiding temptation. That is until The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg arrives in town. The stranger who plots a revenge on the hypocritical residents by promising a fortune to the citizens who once showed him charity many years before. One by one the stranger tempts the leading citizens to scheme for the money- until Hadleyburg's honest reputation is mud before the world. The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg is a cynical, yet humorous view of life in America's small towns. Date: 2004 Availability: No items available:

139. Bernice bobs her hair by Fitzgerald, F. Scott (Francis Scott), 1896-1940. Publication: Thousand Oaks, Ca. monterey media 2004 . 49 min. ; color. , It's the hot summer of 1919. Visiting her cousin Marjorie, sweet-but-dull Bernice is transformed into a smooth-talking man-trap by her vampish kin. However, the “make-over” works too well, Bernice becomes the belle of the ball, captivating every boy's interest…even Marjorie's boyfriend Warren. The now worldly Bernice has the last laugh…a clever and ironic twist. Date: 2004 Availability: No items available:

140. Almos' a man by Wright, Richard Publication: Thousand Oaks, Ca. monterey media 2004 . 51 min. ; color. , Although Dave and his family are poor sharecroppers in the Deep South in the 1930's, this 15 year-olds problem is shared by teenagers today: he stands with one foot in adulthood and the other in childhood. “Almos' A Man”, yet still treated like a child, he struggles for an identity. There's one thing, one symbol of manhood, Dave thinks, that could guarantee him instant respect: a gun. Dave finds a way to buy a pistol and at last, is ready to pull the trigger for the first time, never again will they call him a boy…But, he trembles, the gun overpowers the boy's body and he loses control. His first shot is a fatal shot -- his young life forever changed. Date: 2004 Availability: No items available: