Curious George rides a bike... and more tales of mischief - Scholastic, 2004 - 57 mins, col.

This video includes three stories: Curious George Rides a Bike, The Great White Man-eating shark, Flossie and the Fox. Curious George Rides a Bike / by H.A. Rey; The man in the yellow hat gives curious George a brand new bicycle. What adventures are ahead for this little monkey and his new bike? The Great White Man-eating Shark / by Margaret Mahy; illustrated by Jonathan Allen; Norvin, a boy who closely resembels a shark, uses his talents to scre away all the swimmers at Caramel Cove -- except for one female shark in love! Flossie and the fox / by Patricia C. Mckissack; illustrated by Rachel Isadora; narrated by Patricia C. McKissack; Flossie meets up with a clever fox who has been making trouble around twon. Can Flossie outfox a fox, even if she's never seen one before?

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