Corduroy... and more stories about friendship - Scholastic 2003 - 54 mins; col.

This disc includes three stories: Corduroy, Yo! Yes?, Here comes the Cat! Cordury / Live Action -- based on the book by Don Freeman; Corduroy longs for someone to take him home from the department store. He thinks that finding his lost button may help, so he searches the store when nobody's around. Will Corduroy find the button on his adventure? Yo! Yes? Adaped from the Caldecott Honor Book; Written and illustrated by Chris Raschka; Playing alone isn't very fun. But when a simple, "Yo!" is answered by a simple "Yes?" these two boys become the best of friends. Here comes the Cat / by Frank Asch & Vladimir Vagin; A village of mice is in an uproar as the ominous shadow of a big cat aproaches. "Here comes the cat!" they shout. What will happen when the cat finally arrives?

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