Chrysanthemum ... and more Kevin Henkes stories - Scholastic 2001 - 60 mins, col.

This disc includes three stories: Chrysanthemum, Owen, and A Weekend with Wendell. Chrysanthemum / narrated by Meryl Streep; music composed by Ernest V. Troost; Chrysanthemum thinks her name is absolutely perfect -- until the kids at school make fun of her. It takes a special friend to change her classmates' minds. Owen / narrated by sarah Jessica parker; music composed by Ernest V. Troost; Owen isn't happy when his parents won't let him bring Fuzzy, his beloved yellow blanket, to school. Luckily, Owen's mother has the perfect solution. A weekend with Wendell / Narrated by Mary Beth Hurt; Sleepovers are usually fun, but spending a weekend with Wendell is anything but fun and games. sophie shows Wendell that, sometimes, she has to be boss too.

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