Twain, Mark

The man that corrupted Hadleyburg - Thousand Oaks, Ca. monterey media 2004 - 40 min. ; color. - American Short Story Series. .

Hadleyburg has a reputation for unshakable honesty. The smug towns-people are proud of this virtue and keep themselves honest by simply avoiding temptation. That is until The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg arrives in town. The stranger who plots a revenge on the hypocritical residents by promising a fortune to the citizens who once showed him charity many years before. One by one the stranger tempts the leading citizens to scheme for the money- until Hadleyburg's honest reputation is mud before the world. The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg is a cynical, yet humorous view of life in America's small towns.


TWAIN, MARK, 1835-1910.

DVD 810 Twa